Friday, May 24, 2013

Recording Your Meetings

When parents tape in CA we have to give 24 hour notice - I usually give that notice early on in my child's education and then I send a reminder - that way if I don't get the full 24 hour notice they were already notified years ago.

I have only once or twice needed the tape, but I have often listened to portions over again to remind mself as I don't always remember exactly how things went since it is a very emotional time, I am advocating for my child's life!

Also, if I record, the district records - which is great, since there have been times when I forgot to turn the recorder back on or some other foolishness and they have a record!  I can request it along with my child's educational records!

For me, my iPhone is the best recorder I have ever used.  It picks up sound better than any others I have tried.  I use the app Audio Note and I love it.  I have only recently begun to use it well, which is, to take notes of what happens so I have documented where to find what I may want to hear later.  That way I can go right to the area that includes the recoding that I need to hear again.  Other prefer other recording devices, but you have to find what works best for you.

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